The department, ASTT, is actively involved in a variety of research projects. The main research focuses on various technological developments in the field of translation and interpreting studies as well as on their impact on translation processes:

  • Machine translation
  • Technical communication and translation
  • Quality and risk management in translation
  • Usability engineering of translation technology
  • Historical linguistics and language policy
  • and many more


The department’s staff members publish research articles as well as a multitude of theses regarding those topics.

Staff members of ASTT attend relevant events and conferences on the topics mentioned above.


The department is partly involved in two research projects:

  • Project about linguistically intelligent software systems for language and translation didactics (LISST/LISTiG) promoted by the German-Polish Science Foundation (DPWS) in cooperation with the University of Warsaw, Poland, and the Society for the Promotion of Applied Information Sciences (IAI) in Saarbrücken
  • Project "TIGES T&I Graduate Employability Strategies in the 21st Century (TIGES 21)", CIUTI working group; in cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, and the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia