Career orientation

In order to significantly support the career orientation for students of the Faculty 06 - Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies, the department "General and Applied Linguistics/ Translation Technology (ASTT)" started hosting a lecture series in the summer semester of 2016. The lecture series specifically addresses requirements for students starting out in a career as well as career opportunities for the faculty’s graduates. The lectures given each semester are normally dedicated to a specific topic. Experienced lecturers give detailed insights into starting a career and everyday working life by discussing topics such as translation and interpretation, technical editing and communication, quality management and corporate communication, media and screen translation, subtitling, and many more. To date, a total of 19 lectures given by experts working in industry (Daimler AG, Fa. ZF ...), in economy (Deutsche Bahn AG ...), and for authorities (EU, Bundessprachenamt, ZDF ...) have taken place in Germersheim. Relevant topics are identified and lecturers are invited to present on these topics. In order for the department to continue developing appropriate lectures, ASTT appreciates suggestions and interest shown in current topics.

Lectures on career orientation

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